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Alfie is short for Alfred which refers to Lord Alfred Tennyson the author of the poem “Charge of the Light Brigade”. This blog and its predecessor (in2thefray), from title to style was designed to embrace the realities behind that which Tennyson wrote of . It is my chosen non de plume on the web.

I am a blogger who grew up in Boston,MA. I am a veteran. A former paramedic with time spent in urban 911 settings. I am a registered (R) but this is primarily because in MA this dramatically cuts down on robo-calls during election cycles. I have been a day trader,a consultant and held a number of jobs ranging from blue to white collar in nature. I have secrets and can tend to be very private. I enjoy the catharsis of anonymous blogging.

The Blog

If there was ever a a war of folly the whole Crimea campaign is it. Its best remembered aspect The Charge of the Light Brigade into The Valley of Death captures the spirit of how a rather conservative, definitely right of center person (me) can feel in the Left dominated blogosphere. Let’s face it charging into the political mindset of the masses is an ill advised act even if it can prove interesting. It is also a fact that there are people well to the Left and Right of me,hence I charge into and view things from the valley perspective although I don’t necessarily stand as a centrist.

Anyway there it is,and here’s some more…


This blog welcomes comments. Views of opposition are welcomed as this is consistent with the purpose of this site. Comments should focus on the post and follow-up comments not personalities. It is understandable that passions and a general air of adversarial positions can be heated at times. please try to be nice or at least principled.

Comments are subject to moderation by blog owner. Comments containing excessive language or other incendiary content are subject to : deletion,editing and blocking. I’m all for free speech;however, this is about communication. Rants,unrelated views and arguing on personalities can be done on your blog.
Comments should be your view not multiple links or clippings from somewhere else.Video embeds are frowned upon unless they are germane to the point you’re trying to make/share.


Yes commenters who fail to comply with these relatively simple rules will indeed be stricken to the banned list.This can and has affected traffic but that is fine with me. The internet is about freedom to some. Freedom to be a douchebag must have equal footing with freedom to choose not to be aligned with said douchebags.This sites predecessor in2thefray saw at least three occasions where white supremacist entities tried to get links and commentary attached to the thread nest. I try to be vigilant about this stuff. I will protect my reputation.

Now you see it Now you don’t ?

Posts and pages are subject to deletion and revision. The decision to delete or revise is usually based on one or more of the the following.

Whim,no comments,dead links,dated material or superseded by new realities.The past content of in2thefray will especially be susceptible to this policy point.


As a guiding principle this blog subscribes to the following:

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