Some Headlines that are Totally full of Shit

#1. North Korea: The gang who has a pretty bad reliability record (the US media) is touting how dangerous Kimmie 3 is because his latest rocket went 100 km into the Sea of Japan. They state that if this missile had been fired at a different trajectory it could’ve reached Los Angeles or even Chicago! They seem to be hoping we don’t remember their previous reporting on how K3 has had missiles fail to take off and straight out explode on the launcher. I appreciate that with a nuke you don’t need to get precise but you do have to get off the ground and outside of your own zip code. You also have to evade the multiple levels of international detection and hopefully interception.

#2. DEA (and other LEO’s) treat everyone they encounter with professionalism and respect. Bwwwaaahhaahha! The DEA is one of the slimiest law enforcement entities in the world and has routine history of killing people. Now I don’t know how many super citizens they make acquaintances with but never the less they fuck a lot of people up. I also have to take extreme exception to this notice that any given LEO in America somehow is truly shocked and/or educated by President Trumps remarks about not guiding suspects heads ever so softly into the back of the cruiser. ANYONE WITH ANY EXPERIENCE IN THE 911 FIELD KNOWS that “watch your head” is classic street justice slap-stick GOLD!

#3. USCG top brass won’t turn their back on trannies. Fuck the Coast Guard! I don’t know what the tops are smoking and drinking but under ZERO circumstances are transgenders a plus to their units. Every story you’ve ever been subjected to stating the opposite is absolute fantasy bullshit of the highest order.

#4. Obama shopping out his mini me aka Deval Patrick as a 2020 presidential contender. OMG does lighting strike the same place twice? Deval Patrick was David Axelrod’s dry run for Obama. Axelrod got the pygmy elected Governor of Massachusetts and then immediately went out and got his next star in the form of the junior Senator from Illinois.

Trust me of all the PResidential humps you may think you want and your country needs….Patrick isn’t one of them. Perhaps Barry got some extra strong marijuana during his man crush globe-trotting with Virgin Branson.

#5. Declare the “opiod crisis” a National Emergency!  No declare it fucking Darwinism and stop inserting the government into places it doesn’t belong. The government ordered doctors to not deny pain management to ANYONE. This logically resulted in opiod scripts and usage to spike phenomenally. That’s all well and good though especially since it was the now “new” addicts personal choice to pursue more and more opiate intake up to and including the transition to heroin. They didn’t seek a way to stop and help themselves. they CHOSE to go to the gutter. Let them die. It is a damn shame we have Narcan (Naloxone) that so easily revives these pieces of shit yet can’t cure heinous pediatric diseases. The opiate issue in America is not a crisis or an emergency.


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