The Ideas Lab: Tuition Salvation?

One of the scary monsters hiding in our nations closet is the crazy levels of student debt,reported to be over a trillion dollars!

First and foremost we need to be clear what has caused the crazy:

#1 Government: Whether you take the actual loans,the loan guarantees,or the plethora of government mandated special programs the government is public enemy #1 in causing the enormous increases in college education costs.

#2 Snobs: I resorted to the word snob because I’m lazy today and didn’t really want to bother with exploring all the other possibilities. It fits quite well though since the folks who have promulgated the myth that everyone needs a college diploma are definitely a type of snob. They have played a huge role in perverting the costs as well as decimating skilled labor force amongst the blue-collar sector.

#3 Greedy College Administration: These scumbags are simply out of control. Provided the fodder for pimping the supply & demand aspect of capitalistic education they spend billions on their private worlds of academia utopia. Over hiring administrative bureaucracies to levels of government envy and pursuing capital improvements to compete within the false economy of college admissions they perpetuate the unsustainable model that ultimately gets dumped on students in oh so many ways.

The Solutions:

Free tuition and out of control social engineering programs tied to  debt forgiveness are not the solutions proponents hail them as. In truth they will only exasperate the problems that are killing us now.

Allowing the free market to adopt programs for debt repayment is a good choice even if not really ideal. Companies are and should be encouraged to explore adding debt service of student debt as part of their cafeteria benefits. Governments sole involvement in this should begin and end at adopting tax codes that treat such programs the same way they currently treat retirement plans ad healthcare. I have to say I personally view this option as one of the sign posts of our 21st Century Road to Serfdom.

TRUTH IN LENDING and assorted other wake up calls are also clearly in order. I don’t necessarily want to see a college loan mimic the insanity of the mortgage application/closing process but I’ve seen in person how it is easier to go $60-$100 thousand in debt than applying for a job. WTF is that about!!??

Of course social and educational reforms are also solely needed. The United States has essentially destroyed its high school system and has lost its way regards vocational/technical education. These two truths are of course multi-dimensional and exceed the parameters of this particular post. I mention them solely for the purpose that the two need to be on our radar of solutions.

Individuals and the nation are facing a dilemma in all of this and We the People better get that straight NOW!


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  1. jonolan says:

    Honestly, there is no real solution other than to simply STOP providing loans specifically for college education. In this it is a lot like the idiocy of easy-to-get mortgages that started in the 1950s and continues to this day. It causes far more woe for the nation than weal.

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