What was Merkel Thinking?

Der Speigel has an article asking that very question and I for one would like to offer some possible answers.

“The times in which we could completely rely on others are over to a certain extent. That is what I experienced in the last few days,” Merkel said. “That is why I can only say: We Europeans must really take our fate into our own hands.”

She went on to say: “Of course in friendship with the United States of America.” She emphasized friendship with the U.S. on a few other occasions in her remarks as well. But then said: “We have to fight for our own future, as Europeans, for our destiny.”

#1. Fraü Merkel obviously recognizes the opportunity to dominate the newly elected Pussy in Paris and post it up as a new era of cooperation and EU greatness. She is now and always has been about Germany and she is absolutely dedicated to the Berlin’s dominance over the lesser Euroweenies.

#2. Merkel is wagging the dog. Trump & Brexit is like manna from Heaven for the Merkel. Her domestic destruction plan that flooded Germany with Islamists has gone so well she needs the outlet of a grand scheme like EU musical chairs. It’s laughable to say Merkel is viewed as the “leader of the free world” when at best she’s headmistress at the S&M club that is New Europe. The Visegrad states really love her for example.


#3. Merkel is really disgruntled and it is starting to wear on her. She like many here in the USA just can’t resist firing a shot or two at Trump and to a lesser degree America. I personally don’t mind the ones at Donald but the dishonest,disgraceful and deceitful knock on the USA is another matter and is probably the real reason her comments have caused a stir. Germany is a petulant whore girl who is now whining. That the symbolism gels with Merkel’s decline is serendipity.

#4. Don’t worry it’s the beer talking. Although Der Speigel makes it a point that Merkel won’t be able to get away from the bluster of this comment one could safely place a small wager that….YES! Yes she can.



  1. jonolan says:

    Actually, i just think she’s venting after realizing that the US is likely no longer going to prop up her, Germany, NATO, or the EO any longer.

    Now, all Pres. Trump has to do is back off a bit, just a bit mind you, from the IMF and World Bank, and she and the EU are done, along with a bunch of lesser countries which hate us but love our money.

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