Dear Cousins your only choice is Hard Brexit…

The EU has unanimously voted for the guidelines that will be their position in the Brexit negotiations.

It should be clear that the UK has one clear choice. Sit for two years at the table nodding and going hmm-hmm and then just LEAVE. No bills, no assurances, no guarantees, for ANYBODY!

It is obvious the EU intends to punish and all in all screw the UK. It is also obvious any softening on behalf of the May government represents an abdication of their sovereignty.

The UK can survive a hard Brexit and should embrace it. The EU member states will likely punish your expats but fuck them. The same states will look to find ways to make deals with you as commerce is necessary for all of them. Your bankers would be foolish to leave London for the Continent since they will surely face a Tobin Tax and more in the future. Global banking and insurance flourished prior to the EU and it can afterwards.

Make your self a nice cuppah cousins and get comfortable. 24 months isn’t a long time when you think about it.

With Love



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  1. jonolan says:

    That sums it up aptly. Well and succinctly put, Alfie.

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