100 Day Report Card: 2017

So people are all focused on the whole “first 100 days” thing and it kind of turns me off,but not so much that I won’t jump in2thefray.

This post is my report card of sorts that I am issuing to the various critters now inhabiting the “Swamp” along the Potomac.

President Donald Trump B-

His tweeting was a disgrace but now I fear it’ll just be added to the heap of dog shit that is our intellectual discourse not only within the Beltway but as a relative whole within society. He has moved on everything he campaigned on and has positively asserted that it is policy for the most part that America comes first.

SoS Rex Tillerson A

He’s doing an excellent job with a pretty messed up set of tools so I give the guy an A. That’s high praise since I didn’t support him getting the job at all.

SoD James Mattis B

Again a bit of a messy tool box but is persevering with the level of professionalism you’d expect from someone of his calibre. I can’t help but feel his loyalties to the MIC are strong though and I don’t think he can maintain the B,we’ll see.

SoHS John Kelly B+

I don’t like this department and was hoping something could happen to lessen its reach and power. Kelly isn’t going to be the guy for that and for that he gets a D. That the Department isn’t going anywhere one has to score Kelly in the B’s simply on illegal immigration and crime. This may become a worrisome area of expansion and the future cards will tell us but for now the B+ is all about true security which encourages freedom.

SoC Wilbur Ross A

My man Wilbur gets this simply because he’s freaking hilarious and refreshingly straight forward. I truly believe reporters might flock to Commerce just to hear thorough answers. Go Wilbur Go Wilbur

Everyone else I

The rest of the Administration is undoubtedly doing what cogs in a machine do but I can’t give better than an Incomplete

Paul Ryan C

I like Ryan. I support him and would like to see him keep his job. That said it is becoming increasingly clear he can’t get it done on the big issues. In his defense I doubt anyone could since the House is so diseased,but it is his job to at least try. Instead of dreaming of cheese Paul perhaps you should get going on exactly what the MacArthur amendments do. Then you let the chips fall where they do and know you did the right thing.

Freedom Caucus D

Perhaps their districts are happy with them but I don’t live in one of those so they’re obstructionist douchebags.

Tuesday Morning Group D

More douchebags who fail to realize they are in Congress to do the will of the People not to play it safe marching time getting reelected.

House Republicans as a whole F

As stated above. You were the Majority for a lot of reasons and you pussied out.

House Democrats as a whole C-

They get an F any other day and many on an individual basis do in my book. Collectively they have properly represented those who elected them and are enjoying the freedom of being the minority.

Mitch McConnell C+

Mixed blessings on the nuke option. Other than that he kinda sucks.

Chuck Schumer D

This guy is a total piece of shit. I accept folks would think I’d moderate my view on him and treat him like the House Dems. Fuck that. This guy is a liar. This guy is a Constitutional amnesiac. He sucks and a D is me being nice.

GOP Senate as a whole B

Stepped up during the confirmation hearings and the rigors of the first 100 as pertains to the upper chamber. Individually I give Hatch an A+ and McCain a D

Senate Democrats as a whole C-

More Constitutional and past procedural amnesia drags these folks down. Their gross incompetence towards America is also a heavy weight upon their grades. The fact that some of them gave an honest hearing and vote on a number of Cabinet nominees is what plucks them out of the D range that the likes of Warren,Sanders and Whitehouse begs them to score.