2 Pictures Say So Much…


I am adamantly opposed to the National Popular Vote Compact and anything related to the inane notion that the US President should be elected by means other than the Electoral College.

The following two images scream loud and clear that everything folks such as FairVote say about the fairness of the National Popular Vote is utter rubbish.

The above is as described. The counties where the solid democrat voting blocs are. These blue spots singlehandedly give the national Democrats their credibility. The prevalence of high population metro’s is undeniable.

The above shows the solidly reliable counties the Republicans enjoy. Although many of the red counties are less populated than the blues one can’t help but appreciate the geographic diversity of Republican support. This is crucial since many of the solidly red spots consume entire states that for non-Presidential races produce more than their fair share of elected (D)’s

Combined the above visual data tells us why a National Popular Vote for President is a bad idea. Nobody but a democrat can truly believe it a good idea and nobody can deny we’re experiencing exactly what the Founders wanted to prevent.

Keep the Electoral College


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  1. jonolan says:

    Yep. That pretty much sums it up.

    Funny though, how the ever-so-in-favor-of-multiculturalism Leftists wants their isolated liberal monoculture to trump (pun intended) all the peoples of all the regional cultures in and of America.

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