O’ Canada you’re a bunch of pussies…

Watching Wilbur Ross absolutely school a room full of journalists especially the pussy ones from the Great White North.




****Update on 4/26****

After multiple (predominantly Canadian) reports (whining) of “international tribunals” finding in favor of Canada I delved into the matter. The most notable pro-Canada decision came from the bi-national board comprised of 3 Canadians and 2 Americans. WTO and LCIA have both ruled in favor of the USA or at least found majority fault with Canada. Often times the findings for either side has hinged on technicalities instead of the obvious subsidy issue. Other times in contradictory fashion the rulings have swung to Canada’s advantage.

Although trade arguments can get shopped around to various arbitrators and any given flair up even on previously ruled matters can swing wildly it does appear the USA is actually in the right here and serves as a good sign that trade must be fair over “free”.

The argument that Canadian soft lumber goes to multiple industries is a bullshit concept especially since the Canadian paper industry has lost a number of cases as well over subsidies. Sadly those wins often come after the US company goes bankrupt.