Monday Mount Up 4/24/2017


This post may be updated throughout the day.  What I’m dropping into this post is a compilation of thought provoking articles that in my opinion capture the spirit of much that is amongst us.


This fucking guy is an idiot. Ulrich Baer is vice provost for faculty, arts, humanities, and diversity, and professor of comparative literature at New York University. the above linked NYT Op-Ed prattles on about the snowflakes and the precedent that Americans are very much mistaken about the level of free speech we have,ever had and thus implied should have. Fucking idiot completely misses that others have the right to hear speech of their choosing. This is especially true of the Middlebury debacle. Fucking snowflake doesn’t want to hear something? DON’T GO TO THE FUCKING EVENT!!!!

#2 BernOuts Explained @ Jonolan. I found the post very smart in exploring that envy is something folks don’t usually attach to political ideology but is so obviously present just the same.

#3 I won’t post a link(s) as of now but suffice to say the BBC is absolutely disgraceful in their coverage of the French Presidential elections. From the stressing of LePen’s “far right” positions as being an active adjective for her,the refusal to acknowledge a female reaching a presidential run-off,and the constant whinging and dishonest linking of BREXIT to every bit of the continental colossus election. Beeb get your act together you dishonest humps or refund your tax $$$£££££££