Trumping Syria…


President Donald Trumps decision to up the ante in Syria has many fans,detractors,criticisms and booyahs. The whole spectrum of possibilities is still yet to be realized but one thing is pretty clear. With each passing day of this new Administration there are reversals occurring on everything he campaigned on and a shift far and away from the promise his controversial election represented.

The missile attack using 59 Tomahawks is portrayed by the Administration to be a moral act in the national interest as well as in line with our foreign policy interests.

To me this is bullshit. Dozens killed in a  chemical attack pale in comparison to the hundreds of thousands killed by conventional warfare plus the millions displaced. Morality is lazy at best in this conflict.

Our national interest is best served by the quickest and most legitimate resolution of the conflict even if that means the unpalatable retention of Assad. This was the position of the Trump Administration immediately prior to the attack in Idlib Province.

As for our foreign policy goals perhaps here is the only place the Administration is telling the truth. Clearly the neocons et al have dug into Trumps skin and steered him back to the Sunni love-fest of previous Republican administrations. In that our foreign policy appears to be appeasing cowardly Sunnis just to chafe Tehran I guess I accept this one.

Another aspect of the US assault is the apparent initiation of the War Powers Act by President Trump. The Administrations lawyers are toeing the line on the law and it will be interesting to see whether Congress will follow through. I doubt they will since this distraction is handy for many and to that you add the nature of the of the US response as well as the core of war hawk dick heads. I disagree with this expansion of actions in the region and Syria specifically.

A situation we should never have gotten involved in is now the possible place we go dangerously deep into repeating all our other recent folly filled ventures.

God Bless the Americans who may very well end up paying for this stupidity.



  1. jonolan says:

    You have a point. On the other, this is a return to normalcy. Such “proportional responses,” including notifying the target indirectly, have been the traditional US response to unfriendly governments’ bad behavior for decades.

  2. Alfie says:

    Yeah I get that but I was hoping for something better.Silly rabbit….

  3. jonolan says:

    Well, hope is a precursor for disillusionment and despair…

  4. Alfie says:

    You’re killing me…

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