A Moment of History….

This is the first post in a series I hope to present here. One of my personal fascinations is history and how Americans especially and Westerners in general so thoroughly forget it. Since 2014 the World has been whether it recognized it or not celebrating the centennial of The Great War, aka WWI, aka First World War etc. (1914-1918) This pivotal conflict gets shorted in the USA due primarily to Americas ignorance,ambivalence and of course the Great Depression and WWII. That the erosion of time causes its own type of dilemma is also undeniable. Heavens know that when you have to teach kids that Heather has two mommies the class time has to come out of some instruction budget,alas history. Your average American has no idea what an impact the First World War had on the United States let alone the entire World.

Anyway March 2017 is chuck full of dates important to America’s involvement in WWI. Highlights include:

1 March 1917 : Zimmermann Telegram published in US press. Intercepted in February this was the loudest shout out to the USA to date. The People were not amused.

12 March 1917: US President Woodrow Wilson announces arming of US merchantmen by executive order after failing to win approval from Congress. Congress still held out hope that the USA could refrain from involving itself within the entanglements of the European monarchies. Alas it was not be given renewed calls by Germany to target all shipping.

20 March 1917: US President Woodrow Wilson’s war cabinet votes unanimously in favor of declaring war on Germany. History allows us a lengthy discussion on President Wilson’s intents and purposes as well as the obvious rapid build up to April’s declaration. All of that is as important as the actual events of entering into the conflict and choosing to affirm our global importance.

It’s been 100 years…what have We learned?