The Shadow Knows….


The answer to the questions are far from comforting to Americans.

Who Casts the Shadow?

Well for the purpose of this post the answer is Barack Obama,his fellow travelers,the media and the Democratic Party.

Why do I say this? Well given the ever evolving saga emanating form within the Beltway there appear to be obvious reasons.

Let me ask some more questions. How is it the media is constantly getting so much inside information from an Administration that is not yet fully formed? How is it the FBI had transcripts concerning former NSA appointee Flynn and other Trumpettes such a Jared Kushner and the junior Trump?

Who Will Shine the Light?

That’s a tricky one since the media is part of the evil darkening our country right now. The GOP has more than a handful of elements who are as much involved in the porking of We the People .

It’s an ugly and dark day in the USA folks.