Hey Britain:STFU!


I could not help but notice the remarks by a number of UK politicians berating President Trump specifically and the United States in general over the Executive Order covering immigration and refugee travel form Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen.
Especially vocal were Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn,Labour Party Mayor of London Sadiq Khan among others including former Mayor and failed Conservative Party candidate and now UK Foreign Minister Boris Johnson. All these motherfucking hypocritical tea sipping shit-bags seem to forget the recent history of the UK brokering a deal with their EU partner France to help ban and detain tons of refugees and migrants in Calais in what came to be known as the “Jungle”.The UK was NOT going to allow those refugees,many of them likely North African Muslims to enter their precious England.

That the UK politicians and their propaganda apparatus the BBC abysmally fail to be honest as to the content,intent and implications of the Executive Order and that they wish to place some kind of value upon Trump meeting their dying Queen is glaring testimony that the “Special Relationship” is indeed intact. Our pompous pansy ass cousins across the Pond honestly believe they are our superiors. Fuck them!



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