Dhimmi? Dummy? Thinker! Dress Coded


So I came across a story I wanted to blog about and one of the images in a source article sent me in another direction.

Certain people can’t help but to attack non-Christian people and practices no matter the context of reality. A great example is how folks have a cow over a number of police departments in the USA allowing Muslim and Sikh adherents to wear modified religious head-gear in the line of duty. I don’t understand the outrage and I fully extend to folks of the Jewish faith the right to wear their yarmulke at work. I would stipulate it needs to be color coordinated just as I expect hijab and dastar to match the overall uniform.

Anyway back to the crux of the matter. One of the signs that has been making the rounds at the anti-Trump women marches is this:


Created by the “artist” that created the iconic Obama image this poster and the very real world use of the flag as hijab has many in a tizzy.

I personally DO disagree with the use of an actual flag as an article of clothing and I’m also not a big fan of using the flag as a base of an article of clothing. That said the First Amendment generally trumps (note small t) flag protocol. That may be a subject Americans need to get back to but for now we’ll just file it under “it is what it is”.

I’ll leave you with this though:


and perhaps you can get back to me with your patriotic outrage.



  1. jonolan says:

    Given that Islam is largely incompatible with America, I can understand both the outrage. Similarly, given that Islam is largely incompatible with “women’s rights,” I can see the eye rolling and sarcasm at feministas using the image of it in their march.

  2. Alfie says:

    That was actually the original post. All the anti Trump “feminists” and their contradictory alliances. Bizarre. Thx for stopping in.

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