Has Obama-Nation really been an Abomination: Foreign Policy Edition


As all the pundits,talking heads and trolls begin to pile on outgoing President Barack Obama one can’t help but to notice how totally negative most of them are. I am not one to root for the O but I also can’t help but to hear some of the criticisms and ask “What the fuck are you smoking?”

This post is meant to look at the foreign policy actions of the Obama Administration and ponder the depths of the criticisms. In no particular order (err well maybe not) lets jump in2 this:


This one is all the rage of late and one that really highlights the ignorance of the anti-O’s. Contrary to the whining of Benjamin Netanyahu Barack Obama and his Administration has been pretty solid on sucking Israel’s cock. Barry and Co have maintained a legacy of voting and policy statements that dates back decades that favor Israel. The much ballyhooed “abstention” is also far from unprecedented as any review of UN resolutions show a plethora of 14-1 votes. #1 of course being the USA. Many resolutions critical of Israel have passed secondary to the USA either abstaining or on occasion voting in favor of the resolution. A number of those YES votes occurred during the Reagan years btw!

Obama embraced the Road Map and Two State Solution and perhaps was even enthralled with possibly being the US President that plays a part in it finally happening. Visions of Carter were dashed by harsh realities not the least of them being that Israel especially under Bibi has zero intention of accepting either the 2 state model or controlled integration into a single state.


Pallets of cash and making the world less safe by allowing the mullahs to have the bomb are the dishonest headliners for this one. Toss in the obligatory pissing on Israel our ally line and you get a trifecta of ignorance and anti-reality bullshit all too many folks lap up.


This one is a good one to knock Barry down on. He dithered and dicked around and then finally got half assed involved in what was an absolutely horrendously stupid Wilsonian wet dream kind of thing. Once this domino was tipped NOTHING good was going to come out of it.


I seriously don’t understand the rhetoric on this one. The same folks who looked  upon Kissingers model of being cool with tyrants for stability somehow went full on batshit crazy on this one. Cuba is an example of US foreign policy doing the same wrong thing over and over again yet expecting different results. Opening up Cuba is absolutely the best way to help Cubans and the Western Hemisphere.


Fucking red lines in a civil war that turned into a proxy war that boiled over in a complete fucking mess is another heavy pipe one can justifiably pummel Obama with. That US politicians on a bipartisan basis are also completely wrong in their views on Assad and Syria offers no excuses for Obama though.


How’s Mitt Romney looking now BITCHES?!?! Seriously I cannot imagine a better case for highlighting the Obama Administrations complete lack of competency on the FP front than the manure pile that is US/Russia relations. To say Obama made a number of missteps is a gross understatement.

The Pacific

I don’t know how convinced I am that either President of the past 16 years has been a force to actually cause the Pivot. It seems to me to be a more organic and logical progression of US policy. That it manifested more clearly under Obama is a coin toss in my book. China is what it is and our Asian alliances have experienced a number of ups and downs. Whether certain arms deals with India should or shouldn’t have been more rigorously pursued is a great example where two camps are just not going to be capable of objective dialog. That Australia has been allowed to baby step its way with US coaching/coaxing is also clearly a softer policy point than any hawk is comfortable with but that others see as a nuanced and smart move. North Korea is a shit show no matter the guy in the Oval office.


Contrary to his personal desires Obama kept US involvement in this abyss pretty active. He maintained the improper Western sensitivities that were clearly born during the W years and enforced by our allies misguided and inappropriate stances of weakness. He acted as a reluctant leader in this area but all in all lead.


Iraq has seen US forces secretly flex manpower in and out as well as step up pressure and assistance as needed to allow the Iraqis to start to address those ills we helped to create in the first place. Iraq has unfortunately become one of those foreign policy blunders that you don’t talk about at dinner parties but that you recognize you need to have people on the wall with guns yada yadda.

The Obama Administration did many things the can be considered wrong to establish its own fingerprints on the overall policy there. The undeniable truth though is that Iraq represented a clear redirection of US policy under Obama that many folks neither understand or truly appreciates.


A lot of folks ding O big time on this one and many of those folks supported Donald Trumps tough campaign talk. Truth be told Obama’s stand-off nature and over analyzing things allowed Europe to show its true colors which ironically gave Trumps rants some cred. After W the EU was at a point where Obama was in many ways a perfect solution. the world now recognizes that the Euroweenies are shit. Do I think that was Obama’s intent? No,no I don’t but I do think he absolutely wanted to make a case that others should make decisions and put in the work to get it done as opposed to relying on US dominance and dollars. That is something I absolutely believe and think Barack Obama deserves some praise for. I know Donald Trump should send him a nice card or something.

So there it is a quick study of some of the FP points of the Obama years. Is it all good? Is it Nobel worthy? Is it evidence of utter incompetence and treachery? The simple answer is a resounding NO! Obama neither elevated or demolished US standing. He dealt a number of cards to himself and picked up a bad hand from the previous dealer. He is also leaving some crappy cards on the table. Ultimately though Obama weathered a trip the USA was destined to take and no slogan on a baseball hat is going to change that reality.