The Fake

I’ve borrowed the image from fellow blogger Rutherford who has an interesting quick hit post at his place. It works well with some of the thoughts I’ve had on the subject which is of course all the rage.Fake News hereinafter referred to as The Fake.



I have a number of concerns regarding The Fake pandemonium gripping the www as well as the “established” media outlets and I’m going to try to shake some of them out here and now.

Stupid People

The internet is full of them. It not only attracts the people who are already stupid it makes otherwise intelligent people stupid! This cascading tumble of dumb is just insane and unfortunate in any type of society. The saying “They walk amongst us” has never been more true. People who take any one source,especially an internet based one, as the one and only purveyor of truth are falling into a trap evil people have employed throughout time.

Arrogance meet Ignorance

That the mainstream media is so embroiled in The Fake issue is telling. The history of biased reporting and outright lies flowing out of flagship journalism entities shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone. The history is far from new as it is a fact as old as our Republic.

The electronic age has however brought it to its zenith. In pursuit of ratings,clicks and all round revenue MSM folks have become sloppy and at many times outright malignant in keeping up any type of standards. They spend more time lying and deflecting than they do gathering real facts. WTF is up with that?

When these folks tossed objectivity on the manure heap they also tossed their credibility. That they don’t get that is alarming.

Denouncing the People’s Free Expression

More than a little worrisome is the potential for the ensuing witch-hunt aimed at The Fake to turn into an effort to curtail free speech. I understand if some think that a stretch but quite frankly it has happened before. The worst part of it this time is that some of the folks who will be in charge of the detection and eradication of The Fake are the folks who created and perpetuated The Fake in the first place!

Trimming the corners of the First Amendment is a slippery slope of K2 proportions.

The Faux Flag Fake Flakes

It can’t be left unsaid that one of the most virulent breeding grounds of The Fake on the web is all those corners where chemtrails,the jews,9/11,Sandy Hook,Nice and on and on is all the rage. The delusional fucks that inhabit these places and excrete their nonsense all over the web were standing shoulder to shoulder with all the other creators of The Fake. Hilariously these folks came with the added edge of denouncing The Fake held up by others as being fake and that The Fake they worshipped was the truth,or at least the real Fake,or something like that.

These scumbags along with their relatives the click bait whores have infected the internet to a lethal level. Add the alleged respectable Fourth Estate to the mash up and you get a populace ripe for death and disability,at least on the intellectual level.

The Fake fears intelligence,truth and common sense so that’s my prescription folks. Take three and call me in the morning.