Where We the People need to go in 2017…

I want to be quite clear on this. I did not vote for Donald Trump OR Hillary Clinton in 2016. I must further confess that given the final choices I’m not totally horrified by the outcome. Still,2016 was a paradigm shifting moment for me politically. No longer can I consider myself Party orientated,instead I’ve morphed into a purer ideological position kind of person.  I do not believe I am alone in this even though I may be within the minority of actually realizing the shift.

One thing Trumps victory and more importantly the GOP earth shattering crushing of the DNC nationally presents is that at least for a couple of years a new direction is on order.

I believe that direction MUST be along the following lines.


Public Private Partnerships: The USA has a mixed record on these but I truly believe we need to focus on this model for our collective good. Infrastructure projects of every kind are badly needed and the government only model just doesn’t get it done. It doesn’t get it done right,on time or on budget. There is another way and it doesn’t mean surrendering the Peoples rights to corporations or government.

mc4fray2day.jpgMonoculturalism: We really need to focus on the single unifying aspect of our country’s legacy and that is that in a culture of hyphens We need to be AMERICANS first.

Banking Trust: We need to toss Dodd-Frank and Sarbanes -Oxley in the dustbin BUT while we’re there we really need to get Glass-Steagall out and dust it off and add some polish. We need to trust our currency,our deposits and when we choose to make them our investments. Of all the things people on the Left think we need to take from Canada perhaps the only one is their zeal for financial & securities regulations.


Tax Reform: We need to use our tax policies to PUNISH greed and REWARD respect. At the corporate level if you offshore,you pay 35%+ in tax. You come home,you enjoy some of the lowest and simplest rates on the globe. On the personal level our taxes should be the lowest and fairest they can be. We should reward savings and investments NOT punish them and that includes addressing the “death tax”. The flip side is we need to raise the revenue we need to pay our bills. When one focuses on what it takes to pay a bill one dials in on how to spend more wisely.


SPHERES: Spheric influence and concerns have come to be and we should not shrug off this opportunity.


BREXIT: Fuck Barack Obama and his back of the line trade deal prattle.conservative-logo_1 We should be actively encouraging the solidification of the Anglosphere by promoting BREXIT and putting the UK,Ireland and Scotland front and center on special trade deals.

NATO: We should review the status of this treaty and the entanglements it represents. I personally am all done with theNATO €uroweenies especially in light of Brexit potential. That said since the EU would likely want to move on their common defense dreams post Brexit and that the USA will retain interests in the Eurosphere perhaps NATO should be morphed into the European Theater Defense League or some other oddity. I thought this was a good idea back when France was grudgingly on the hook for  the Mistral class ships denied Russia. I am even more in favor of it now with example of France bleeding money on domestic operations and the UK being without the ability to arm the Royal Navy for the next two years.

Middle East/Southwest Asia: Disengage,disengage,disengage. It cannot be stressed enough that our policies there have been too costly and too badly handled to recover much of what we think we want. It is time to think different and put most of our past there behind us.

Trade: It isn’t FREE if it isn’t FAIR. We need to tamp down our dreams and step up to reality. Free trade as it stands now only tucks it to Americans and that needs to end.

Pacific Pivot: One of a few FP points the Obama Administration gotposter18 right. It needs to happen. Relationships need to be fostered and democracies protected. International stability and the rule of law must be secured.

Cyberspace: This has domestic implications also but it is obviously an international issue. The USA has the technology and human resources to be the big player in this arena. We need to get moving on this and we need to keep straight on it.

This is hardly an all-inclusive list although many of these points are crucial. 2017 is the dawn of many things that are not necessarily good logo’s on a baseball hat. The dawn is coming though whether we are ready or not though.


** About the featured image for this post. It is a scene from a First World War trench. 100 years ago the world wallowed in blood,mud and horror and we seemingly have not learned well.





  1. Rutherford says:

    I think most of your prescriptions align with the Trump Doctrine if one could surmise a Trump Doctrine.

    That’s an observation, not a criticism.

  2. Huck says:

    Alfie, I’m curious as to what you think of this? Both, if you think it’s a good idea or not, and if you think it’s even within the realm of possibility.


  3. Alfie says:

    I think Trump diagnosed the US/Russia/China triangle correctly on the campaign trail. A mix of US missteps and Sino-Russian economics lead to the USA being at a serious disadvantage.
    I don’t think Moscow would rally against Beijing regardless of any fresh warmings Trump & Putin may establish though.
    For my opinion if this would be a good idea I would say no and I fully believe my sphere bias thing leads me there. Trump will likely work the two separately and differently.
    I think Russia will be approached on issues in the Arctic,Europe and Middle East with an amount of respectfulness. I think China will be served up some scorn and allowed to pursue its whole Silk Roads plans.
    Although I thought Romney was right in ’12 about Russia China IS a far more pressing concern in2thefuture.

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