Headlines that just don’t matter…

You wouldn’t know it from the way the news is pounding these stories but here are in my opinion some of the non-stories being flogged way too hard.

Fidel Castro DEAD!!!

This is far and away the biggest one. The media is scrambling to tie in stories all along the spectrum of this one from Trudeau 2.0’s idiotic press release to Cubans dancing in the streets in Miami. Special dickhead award goes to the NY Daily News Ron Howell and his fantasy riff about Castro’s great race equality history.

If you’re a Cuban I’ll give you a nod that a very real chunk of symbolism has passed and your country may be able to move a few inches back to the timeline of greatness that was stolen from you. Perhaps some healing can occur. I think it a good thing Fidel has passed at a time when your neighbor across the FL straits can possibly engage responsibly with you the people of Cuba.

Jill fucking Stein

This incarnation of a monster is such a waste of breath. First and foremost she is a commie piece of shit that deserves a dirt nap herself. She is either a pawn of leftist elements or a circus barker trying to assert herself on the national stage in a manner her failure of a presidential run and arrests never could. I actually vote the latter. If you look at the numbers of the absolutely close races in Wisconsin,Michigan and Pennsylvania you should come to a simple conclusion. The races were very close but entirely fair. I suggest people compare the votes of other (D) candidates to those of Hillary Clinton. I personally could also not miss how Stein’s votes worked Hillary and helped Trump win who clearly faced greater vote loss from Johnson/Weld.

Sunshine is always good but in this instance I think its only shining on the lefts arrogance. Perhaps some good will come if JillenStein is burned by exposing her shallow play for cash and credibility.

Trumps Cabinet

Any study of history shows that Donald Trump’s transition team is on par with previous administrations. If we get o mid-December without key players I might yawn and be impressed by media reports THEN. As for now the media is showing itself as shallow,churlish and biased and only continuing to dismantle the platform it stands precariously upon.