Happy Armageddon Eve…

So its Monday people and tomorrow all those who are willing will trudge off to the local polling station and cast their vote for the apocalypse of democracy in America.

No matter how the vote goes the level of hate and disunity will be cranked up to yet higher levels and our ability to be a country worth something will be further diminished.

I personally hope history will make it a point to judge the lemmings of ’16 very harshly. The electorate of the 2000’s have been an absolute disgrace. We the People have stopped communicating and thoroughly tucked honesty and decency into the deepest corners of our collective closet.

9 November will bring nothing good to the world except perhaps one slight glimmer of hope. There could,I pray there will be, a spark that will lead to a second shot heard ’round the World. I’m not calling for violence. I’m calling for a REVOLUTION just the same.

I’m standing by for that spark…



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  1. jonolan says:

    Sometimes Armageddon is necessary or, at least, a bloody purge of one’s domestic enemies.

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