Massachusetts Question 2:Mandatory Fallout


Massachusetts Ballot Initiative Question 2 has been a real battle royal no matter your position on the topic.

The topic is whether to allow the state to lift the cap on the number of charter schools in a given district. At this time there are only a handful of districts where this would be an issue and all of those are predominantly minority majority student bodies with a high number of failing traditional public schools.

The misinformation and outright lies being spread on this initiative is maddening as well as saddening. I am #YesOn2MA so I obviously find the NO folks to be the worst transgressors but I am backed by a number of far from right wing newspapers and think tanks as well as (much to the oppositions denial) 8 years of President Barack Obama.

Bottom line the ONLY way to vote on question 2 in Massachusetts is a resounding YES!!! To vote NO you truly are a misinformed bigot who fails to understand that public education is meant to improve the lives of the children first and society second. Unionized teachers and their lackey’s are not on the board.

The NO folks are not without a shred of credibility though. Perhaps they are but a staple of their overall campaign isn’t and that is that political hi jinx with budgets and funding serves no one.

Public Charter Schools are not the enemy in the battle of education funding,they are the scapegoat. Charter schools are eventually* funded on a per pupil basis by the “sending” district. Logically a school does not deserve to have the money for a pupil not sitting in one of their seats. The fact of the matter is though that a schools funding via per pupil is a freaking myth. The building is what it is and experiences wear and tear regardless of how many kids are in it. Pensions are what they are as are salaries and it again doesn’t matter how many kids are there. Increases in costs from limited supply lines of textbooks and other materials are what they are. In reality the last thing any school funding physically goes to is teaching the actual human!


In Massachusetts the folks on Beacon Hill have failed to allocate the proper reimbursements to the district schools. The citizens of Massachusetts have NOT FAILED to send their taxes to the DOR though so what’s up with that?


Whether Yes or NO on 2 win the only way the kids and the whole state for that matter wins is if together we stay on top of the policy issues pertaining to education ion the state.

The plight of kids in failing schools,the unsustainability of pension liabilities the overall funding mechanisms, all of this and more doesn’t go away on Wednesday November 9th 2016. Neither should we the people of Massachusetts.

*see this link for a primer on funding in MA