Alfie’s Electoral Playbook 2016


Happy Halloween!

You might ask yourself what does that have to do with politics and this absolutely horrid Presidential Campaign year,and then you get it.

2016 has been an absolutely life changing year for me politically. I have officially left the Republican Party and cemented my personal political identity. It really has been a year full of epiphanies as much as angst.

The 2016 version of the Playbook covers the Presidential race as well as the ballot initiatives here in Massachusetts. This post will also serve as the first salvo in the launching of a new blog and a new vision. It has been slowly coming on and the results in November will be the final push off the cliff as it were.

Early Voting

When I first saw this going on I was skeptical and a little put off. I had some time to digest it though and since I had the day off I decided to chalk up voting along with the rest of my errands today.

Let me tell you I’m a believer. I think this is an example of something I’ve blogged about before. US voter participation is lackluster to say the least and to truly move the country where it needs to go everything we can do to correct this tragedy is a plus. I get how traditionalists and fervent flag wavers get hung up on the “it’s only one day”! thing but that truly doesn’t fit the reality We the People find ourselves living in.

Voting is an extremely important act and one no citizen should take lightly. In turn We should make sure voting is convenient,secure and fair.

The Races

I had a lot of local hack positions to vote for and left all but three blank. I voted for a state representative,a county Sheriff and a US rep which was pointless. The big one of course was the Presidential vote and I went the only way I could….


I put it that way for a number of reasons and will tick off some of those now.

Johnson/Weld regardless of tradition was in my opinion exactly how the Administration would be, a team effort. The alignment of stars needed to make that happen was never really in the cards but I firmly believe it needs to be the start of badly needed change in US Presidential/Executive Branch thought.

liberty_abusedHillary Clinton is a fucking scumbag who should be in jail. She is poison for America on the domestic and international fronts. Her unoriginal status quo stew of policy is mixed with a handful of damaging base appeasing chunks that spell nothing but the further deterioration of America’s standing and security.

Donald Trump is a fucking scumbag who has no right getting through the pluralistic maze of idiocy which was the GOP Primaries let alone reach the Oval without any real plan or grasp of the Constitution. People who like Donald and hate Barack are just not being honest with themselves. The same can be said of the Hillary crowd. About the only positive Trump holds is the Supreme Court nominations the next President will see. I’m calling it three with the tilt only being a plus 1 for the libbies.

America needs more than two parties. The binary system is broken beyond repair and needs every shock to the system we can muster. As fucked up as the Libertarians are, and believe I find them really fucked up, they are currently the best chance to create a legitimate and consistently present third option.

The Ballot Questions

Massachusetts has four questions for the citizens and here’s how I went.

Q1 Is an act to allow for an additional gaming site,specifically a slots parlor. The Bay State  has the fever and has approved a number of gambling venues. The slots dump that is all ready open and came with rosy promises is a sham. Gambling and the saturation of a region with casino’s is a failed policy and adding to the pile of dung is in nobody’s interest. NO ON 1

GreatSchoolsQ2 Is the controversial no brainer. It would allow the state to approve additional charter schools opening or expansion of existing ones in a select number of communities. The teachers union has fought hard to spread outright and easily debunked lies about this initiative. That the entire state and by that I mean lily-white suburban douchebag bigots are being allowed to possibly derail the hopes and needs of a handful of predominantly minority communities is a crying shame. The truth is charter schools in Massachusetts buck the national horror stories of for profit low performing schools. Our charters are leaders and play by the rules. Charters are a choice for folks who often badly need one. To vote NO on 2 is to condemn kids to inferior schools and I repeat to prove how bigoted folks can be. The teachers unions and school committees across the Commonwealth should be ashamed of themselves and should be publicly denounced and pilloried with a resounding YES ON 2!!

Q3 Is a populist initiative aimed at the noble deed of assuring food stock animals are treated humanely. The bill has a black hole in it though that doesn’t pass Constitutional muster in my opinion and that furthermore is steadily being made unnecessary by market forces. The only saving grace of this thing is that it wouldn’t go into effect until 2022. It unfortunately causes the taxpayers to waste money until then though. It should be defeated I voted NO ON 3

Q4 Is the headliner that other states are also putting forth. Legalization of the recreational use of marijuana. This relatively well thought out initiative is the latest step in the deliberate and in my opinion malicious activist assault by folks who are little more than immature ill-informed pot heads. They dressed this and the previous two measures up in the shroud of sensible policy but they do so without any honest reflection on consequences. They lie and perpetuate alt-mythology that only harms honest policy approaches to the real issues. Pushing THC is absolute bullshit when science knows it is the other cannabinoids that hold true potential. Here we are back to the point that folks just want to get high and are too big a bunch of pussies to admit it. This law will cost taxpayers money NOT make money and any honest person knows it. It was also obviously written by folks who truly believe a minority should be allowed to run roughshod over others rights since it is laced with what I will call “fuck you’s”. Fortunately some of these have openings where dedicated folks can protect their communities,property values and safety. I will be on the front lines of this one if it passes as I am sure it will. Still I am a strong NO ON 4.

So there is the 2016 Alfie’s Electoral Playbook. It is likely the last Playbook I will post.

Thank You and please Vote



  1. Rutherford says:

    While I cannot stomach voting for Johnson who has revealed himself a total boob, I cannot adequately express the admiration I have for your rejection of the “wasted vote” bullshit. The two party system only thrives because of herd mentality. While I agree with your assessment of the two major candidates being “fucking scumbags” I think the true scumbag is the American voter who has inexplicably settled on this pair as the only choice.

    I will only be voting down ballot this year. If someone put a gun to my head and said I had to vote for POTUS, at this stage I would either choose Johnson or McMullin. Alas, there is no gun pointed at me and I refuse to participate in the farce.

    P.S. I know you wanted me to take a good look at Kirk in the IL race but his asshole comment about Duckworth’s family’s tradition of military service scratched him off the list. He’s an ass.

  2. Alfie says:

    Thanks for stopping in R. The 2 party system is a scam of three card monty that hoses the People.
    As for Kirk I don’t follow him but I don’t like Ducky. It’s crazy when Durbin is the “good” Senator. Kirk might squeeze a win since IL is one of those 2 in 1 kind of states.
    Good luck and happy voting.

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