WWU:Class Instruction for our Road to Serfdom.

Let’s be honest that when it comes to looking at class structure in the United States of America the old school ones just don’t cut it. There are and perhaps only ever has been three classes in our society.

These are the Wealthy, the Working and of course the Under.

The Wealthy Class

The rich and by that I mean folks that don’t need to work or whose work is a figurehead position. The former has always been amongst us and has always been a class the common folks were force fed via the media. The latter are well heeled humps who are CEO’s and VP’s and assorted other titled positions ensconced in various industry. These folks are essentially place keeping lottery winners who have created a bubble world with intrinsic networking systems established so they are never without a job somewhere doing something. Ultimately they are folks who get the credit for the labor of many or the sheer genius of a few but who also face the whim of boards,the wrath of circumstances they don’t control and the constant colliding of corporate atoms.

I don’t put a dollar amount to this level of class. Suffice to say that they are without wants,their needs readily met wherever they reside and their future secured regardless of what any ounce of the present offers up.

The Working Class

Again the dollar amount is not important and the idiotic spectrum slicing Americans do with the various levels of middle class DO not apply. These folks regardless of their annual income basically must work to maintain the lifestyles they absolutely refuse or are unable to alter for whatever reason. Whether it is keeping up with the Jonses,keeping up appearances or simply keeping up with the bills this class trudges through regardless if it is white collar,blue collar or grey. This is the most important class in America and we will revisit them shortly since it is they who are on the road to serfdom.

The Under Class

Using the traditional class model folks would assume I mean the poor here. I do not since the poor are most typically found amongst the working class. Some folks use the nuanced term of working poor. They do this to highlight a basic truth that a great number of people are stuck at or under an income line that keeps them from at least keeping pace with life costs. It is an insult to put these folks in the underclass.

No! the underclass in simplest terms are the chronically impoverished who through their own choices and behaviors fail to better themselves. Eventually accepting their lot they actively perpetuate the cycle through anti-social behavior,single parenthood,drug abuse and assorted vice. Romantics have throughout history painted these folks everything from human swine or gritty shadows fighting great odds to eek out an existence.

Amongst the underclass are the people sometimes referred to as the dependent or dependency class. This is an irrelevant distinction designed to make policy partisans look noble.

The underclass is unworthy of anything other than a nod that in their own sick way they have actually evaded the round up to come. The round up and drive down the Road to Serfdom.

The second part of this post will look at the working class and the degradation of it. In it I will identify the points I believe are causing it and what can be done to deal with it.