And the Gold Medal for Whining Sanctimonious Knob Goes To…


goldhumpsAnyone who agrees with US Womans Rowing Team Member Megan Kalmone.

Megan has put forth a well written and I imagine well-meaning post titled Stop Trying to Ruin the Olympics For Us.

I don’t know about you but I don’t like the Olympics. In fact I hate them and find them to be corrupt douchebag stuff.

The athletes whine about not ruining the Rio Games for them with media focus on things like Zika and polluted water venues. They want the focus on them,the hardworking dedicated athletes who are doing this for us.

First and foremost the Olympians are not doing shit for you or me. They do not represent us or our country. Olympians are looking for self-aggrandizement and handouts. They want the common folks to look at their boring,useless and mind overwhelmingly forgettable efforts and applaud gleefully. FUCK THEM!

You Olympians are not nice people. You’re selfish douchebags who basically exist on welfare cheat moochiness so you can attain your personal achievements.

Olympians don’t give a rats ass about the masses who go without basic necessities as morally bankrupt states and corrupt IOCC officials graft it up to build your pathetic playgrounds.

You suck as humans and as a rule the most interesting story from the Games now-a-days is the number of condoms shipped to the athletes. 450,000 for the Rio 16 Games you horny turds.

Game over Game fewer people watch,more people are inconvenienced or outright violated of life and liberty,and a string of debt and ruin stands as a monument to how pathetic the joke is.

Fuck the Olympics.




  1. James says:

    I like you site and feel guilty that I have not visited more often. I agree with Megan Kalmore. I also like the Olympics as entertainment and I try to ignore most political commentary which is getting more frequent each time.

  2. Alfie says:

    @James I imagine that’s one way to look at the Games,a purely entertainment kind of thing especially if there are events that are of personal interest.
    I unfortunately find the Games to be all too political therefore I don’t necessarily mind the non-sports commentary that latches on.
    Thanks for stopping in.

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