Sec. of the Commonwealth William F Galvin is a F@#$ing Waste…

THE Secretary of the Commonwealth better thought of as Secretary of State in Massachusetts has been caught telling Democrat Party humps:

“We have to help people understand you’re wasting your vote on a third-party candidate or a fourth candidate or a protest vote. The only thing a protest vote is going to bring about is a result you don’t want.”

This is from William Galvin the same piece of shit who was caught pulling a Jim Crow move on active duty service members who tried to vote. The DoJ jacked him on that one.

The guy responsible for overseeing the integrity of elections in Massachusetts is nothing but a lying piece of shit and and quite frankly proof of wasting ones VOTE.


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  1. jonolan says:

    Welcome to Democrat land, Alfie. It won’t get any better until Americans finally get sick enough of it to make the blue states run red,

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