The Brave Protesters…

Yeah the #blacklivesmatter folks are really brave. They are so deserving of the fawning liberal media retards adulation. They are a true inspiration as they block roadways preventing working people from getting to work and blocking ambulances too.

I am absolutely sickened by the bullshit surrounding this image:


Ieshia Evans is being compared to the Tiananmen Square guy. What utter bullshit. She walked up to the police line and stood there. She waited for the inevitable and widely witnessed reality. She was professionally arrested and taken away. What did she or anyone else think was going to happen with the “world” watching? Did she or anyone else really believe she was going to be beaten,gassed or shot? Her “statement” is a pretty empty one. Putting yourself on the line only really counts when there is something to be lost. She is the epitome not of strength but of the utterly pathetic nature of protest in America. It’s why you see so many lily white losers at BLM events. It’s just so cool to be there man!

Ultimately only totally delusional folks accept the narrative they see in the above image. In the real world with every passing day of BLM actions people only see: