#BlackLiesMatter: The saga continues…

The recent officer involved shootings in Baton Rouge LA and Falcon heights MN led to renewed Black Lives Matter centered outrage and protest. It also got messy whence a black man opened fire upon Dallas Police who were working a BLM event. Five cops died and the melding of Blue Lives and Black Lives had a moment.

Unfortunately amongst all this was the MSM and the social media crusaders charging the guns as it were. The real time “news” including the Facebook video live stream of the MN aftermath by one Lavish Reynolds showing Philander Castile dying. There was also the mobile phone video of Alton Sterling being shot multiple times while on the ground in Baton Rouge. These moving images fueled outrage but aggressively hid reality.

Alton Sterling who is currently being afforded the full martyr press was a scumbag. He wasn’t a hard working street entrepreneur , he was a criminal. He wasn’t a good person. He was a felon who should not have had a firearm and who had a history of carrying an illegal weapon and resisting arrest. In 2009 he had a CD selling incident that eerily speaks to the recent incident that saw his life end. People that watch 49 seconds of video and see a brutal shooting are short changing their intellect. How one watches the same footage and fails to hear the warnings and see the level of resistance that resulted in the reasonable deployment of deadly force are cheating themselves and society as well.

Does anything we know of Sterling,most of which the responding officers probably were unaware of mean anything? Not regarding the shooting. The only facts that matter there is Sterlings size,resistance and the fact that the police first suspected then knew he had a gun. The folks trying to martyr Sterling completely discount that. Those that accept it grudgingly then harp on the number of shots. They cannot grasp the concept of deadly force and how it like anything has a spectrum line. That line includes the before and long after. The before includes the determination that the threat at hand rises to the level that makes deadly force reasonable. It ends in an investigative or judicial setting where you explain it as so.

Philander Castile’s story initially offered some suspicion. At a minimum it seemed to show a failure of training by the officer involved to control the situation. Castile allegedly told the officer he had a legally owned firearm. Not a bad heads up move by a person of color in America. Whether absent-mindedly or directed by the officer Castile allegedly logically reached for his license and was shot. The Facebook driven story line narrated a bad thing indeed.

Unfortunately the narrative is changing. The widely reported tail light pull over now appears to be suspect. It is reported in a few places that the traffic stop was initiated due to the similarity of Castile to a description to that of a suspect of an armed robbery within the jurisdiction. The recorded episode which includes the officer stating with expletives that he told Castile to keep his hands visible,not to reach for anything seems to at least plausibly question the fullness of Lavish’s reporting.

In the full circle way things sometimes run the MN pairs life story is starting to creep out. There now appears evidence that Lavish is a gang banger banger and Castile held some affiliation with the Crips. Further there are questions as to if he did indeed have a conceal carry permit  Cherry picking social media to put one in a graceful light will undoubtedly lead other folks to cherry pick the system to disparage. Social media is a double edge sword that cuts both ways and does so without much care.

We as  a nation will continue to have an issue with law enforcement deploying deadly force. In a violent society it is both a symptom and side effect. I don’t have an answer for it,I don’t think anyone really does. I know there seems to be conflicting reports on whether blacks are disproportionately killed by LEO’s. I don’t buy into the notion that police are hunting blacks. I do firmly believe the black community has a big problem with regards to functioning in society including how it interacts with the 911 system.