Happy Birthday USA,you sick,divided and pathetic country…

It pains me to write such a title and feel it so very much the truth. The country is indeed sick,divided and compared to what it was and what it tries to portray itself as is truly pathetic.

liberty_abusedAs a nation we obey masters unworthy of any respect. We have amongst us a strong contingent of utter nuts who disgrace tragedies and call them false flags and conspiracies. We ignore basic truths and insulate ourselves within piles of selfishness. We are about to elect either a pathological liar & criminal or a lying shallow moron as our next President.This is sick!

We are secondary to a number of forces very much divided.  Through our selfishness and apathy we have allowed ourselves to be either Red or Blue. We have intensified the divisions brought about via black,white,tan and yellow. We have thoroughly embraced identity politics and wield it as a weapon against all not standing under ones flag.

We have wasted,yielded or outright forfeited our global position in many ways. We have also done a similar injustice to ourselves domestically. Such a disgusting deliberate act comprised of commission and omission is truly pathetic.

Happy Birthday America. How many more you have is entirely up to your people and I personally don’t like your chances.



  1. Rutherford says:

    I hate to sign onto your pessimism but I cannot refute a damn thing you said. We are in very troubled times indeed.

  2. Great post! The sad thing is that the right wingers are largely responsible for not living and let living. They refuse to listen to reason.

  3. Alfie says:

    @ lessocialcritique thanks for stopping in. Although I agree with part of your thesis I maintain the Right is not alone. They have however created a self perpetuating self destruction machine that they can blame nobody for but themselves.

  4. Alfie says:

    @ Rutherford I’m doing some internet housecleaning over the next few days so links will be appearing and disappearing. I’ve said it before publicly and privately but I can’t take the pool any longer.
    I look forward to reading any future offerings you have but will be taking a pass on the threads. Looks like you gots another lurker lol

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