Britain,Brexit and the EU…

conservative-logo_1All the coverage of the post Brexit referendum makes for old-fashioned Sunday comics like reading. The youth of the UK are horrified that the older folks passed Leave. The pundits and elites will not let go of the worn out bones of economic decline and disaster as well as the immigration stuff. The Europeans are visibly disjointed between national and continental perspectives.

Let’s take an honest look at all of this:

The British youth are as fickle and stupid as their cousins here in the states. The least “European” of the 28 nation bloc they are also now,then and forever the least capable of succeeding in the EU economy. No kid from Liverpool was going to go make it big washing dishes in a Warsaw café or find success in the Naples construction trades. Add to this that no country on Earth is consistently pumping out of their public schools the next Einstein and you get how the hoodie wearing can’t get into university crowd is full of bollocks. Those younger folks who are tied to dreams of international finance may have a reason to be angry but then again I fail to see where optimism is not warranted.

KCCOAs for the elites and pundits there is just so much to say there. First and foremost the “pounding” the Pound £ is taking is not the doomsday scenario they want you to believe. It is an adjustment. The pound is still stronger than the USD $ and is still stronger than the € Euro.( £1:$1.38 & £1:€1.24). This means travel and trade is competitive and desirable. The thinking that future treaty obligations and obstacles represent high finance doom is not without some credibility but ultimately too heavily discounts the power of opportunities that abound. Some international banks may go to the continent to stay in the grace of EU rules BUT UK banks are not going anywhere. There is also something to be said about the British rule of law,regulation and taxation that very well keeps The City & Canary Wharf in the top-tier of international finance. Remember it was the French and Germans who wanted the EU to pursue the so-called Tobin Tax on trading. The UK opposed it. Seriously,can anyone say the international greed factor will not look at that?

Immigration BOTH legal and illegal is an absolute open pus filled wound throughout Europe. On the side of legal immigration the famed freedom of movement has only allowed for the migration of people from “have-not” countries to “haves”. My most recent stay in London found me failing to meet a true Englishman in the hospitality trades. Poles were everywhere in this sector and also found amongst Balkan folks in the trades. To think native Brits are not being held out of the work force by their more eager continental counterparts is idiocy of the highest order. It also is connected to an earlier statement regarding how it doesn’t work in reverse.

The illegal immigration,or by it’s internationally accepted misnomer “migrants”, issue also causing fits. Europe has been afforded many lessons in its recent past that tying their economic gains to the exploitation of migrants will always bite one in the ass eventually. France and Germany are notorious for doing this and for failing to learn. In countries where unemployment and souring economies are the norm it is unimaginable  that folks believe you can absorb upwards of 2 million predominantly indigent and unskilled souls. Border controls are not xenophobia-they are an economy survival tool!

Lastly whether you supported Leave or Remain you cannot honestly look at the EU/EC chattering heads and say the Leave folks weren’t onto something. Where national leaders like Merkel from Germany have called for calm and orderly moves the Brussel Bunch are screeching like little bitter bitches “Get OUT NOW” !!! This is textbook comic book stuff. Brussels is so out of touch with those they want to control. There’s the rub though. Pro EU folks think the EU/EC is representative. No! They are committed to a One Europe with them being in charge. They have no investment in the cooperative national model even though they sell their wares that way. The Brits are not the only ones to have awaken to this truth. Just a few years ago prior to the “Grexit” threat the northern EU powerhouses of France and Germany were championing a two Euro model. They actually were looking to cementing the have and have not model into codified reality. They were doing this before the economic nightmares came to full fruition in Europe!

People who hate on the Brexit are just not being honest. They are also being childish that they are being called upon to shed the lazy pants they’ve been wearing these past few decades. They are also whining like toddlers when told to wash off the stink of complacency they’ve wallowed in.

The UK has been given a great opportunity. They have issued themselves a great challenge. The people of the UK have a great history of rising to challenges and perseverance through hard times. This is just one of those times and by no means the harshest of them. Rule Britannia!