Lt. Thug


I’ll be hard pressed to deny that entering and graduating from one of America’s military academies is an accomplishment. That said everything in the military geared towards females is undeniably altered to assure a politically driven result.

There is an image floating around in which soon to graduate females at West Point are posing ala #Black Power. Their denial is weak,their supporters pathetic and the group a pack of liars unworthy of their pending commissions.



Too harsh? I don’t think so. I can tell you first hand that the US military is rife with racism and is far from immune to creating and then insulating the ignorant thugs in their midst. People should be saddened and even a little bit afraid that mixed in with some of the best citizens in the USA the military is riddled with arrogant,ignorant shitbags that don’t deserve the respect of those they serve or those that serve under them.