The Obama Administration blatantly caught doing something different and….

everybody has a shit fit.

I’m speaking of the recent exposure of Ben Rhodes showcasing the Administrations feeding the MSM idiots story lines consistent with the desired policy outcome of the WH. Shocker right?

People have declared Rhodes to be an “asshole” and to be “bragging” and to be an all round “vile” person.

NYT Magazine article that caused the fits

The Weekly Standard counter aka opposition piece using Rhodes science

As for vile and Tom Ricks @ Foreign Policy “asshole” remarks go-go Google yourself.

The Old Farts Wail they know best!

The Obama Administration established a handful of foreign policy goals,hell they obviously had a obamapailtruckload just like any administration. They actually were able to pull off a handful with a real mixed bag of results. Ultimately though the Obama Administrations greatest deed and in some corners their sin is that they attempted to do things different and well off the worn path of foreign policy thinking. Basically they shifted the paradigm and the old farts wailed.

I think people give Rhodes far too much credit regards hatching any of them. He is a tool in the toolbox that the Administration as a whole uses. The hints of his undue influence is not a new thing either. Every POTUS of the WWII to present era has had a trusted few who held some sway with the President. These folks are not in my opinion puppet masters as much as they are solid objects of a trait that appeals to the POTUS on a personal level.

Rhodes is looking for work.

As the Obama Administration winds down operations it is a fact that any number of people within are looking for their next paycheck. Rhodes is no different and his participation in the Times article is just a page in his CV.

Did he do something wrong,illegal etc. ?

He had a job to do and it’s a job that others have had to answer the call for in the past and will again in the future. Policy is often arduous and boring,especially amongst the chattering and working classes. To win you have to be fast and decisive. Whether Rhodes narrative operation was illegal I’d say no. Was it unethical? Only if you accept he has some duty to those too stupid or too lazy to investigate his information. For far too long the WH has either bartered with the media for access or as in this case assumed the position of master of the info soup kitchen.

Is this all just another example of Obama’s evil ?

No but I can’t stop people from seeing what they want to see any better than the professionals. Sadly no matter what Obama does or is remotely connected to will be scrutinized by those that will forever hate him from their room in Castle Wing Nut.




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  1. jonolan says:

    I beg to differ. Obama is quite disgusting and quite evil for doing this…but it is vileness and evil by degree, not by existence. In other words, he does – as you said – do essentially what others have almost always done, but he takes it to a further, worse degree.

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