in2 Sadiq Khan

London has a new mayor and his name is Sadiq Khan. Khan is a member of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party and is a muslim.The only other thing I’ve concluded was of some importance is that his dad was bus driver.

During the campaign you would have been hard pressed NOT to hear all about how Khan was a muslim. The opposition Conservatives committed some questionable acts regards attempting to link Khan to extremists. This didn’t work out well for them. That Londoners,especially the Labour type are effusive fans of diversity left one with few places to hide from their feel good spin on his demographics as well.

During the campaign Comrade Corbyn was not a  favorite subject. That the London mayoral victory was the one bright spot in a Labour election bleakest is another matter entirely. Khan did have to play the Jew card given Labours recent anti-semitic hi jinx. On this one I imagine Khan cringes a bit since he is further identified by his commitment to be a mayor for all Londoners.

Daddy was a bus driver. Big fucking deal. In what I personally feel is the prime example that bad politics exist on both sides of the Pond Khans incessant banging on about dad’s humble roots is top of the list. His pops work ethic is somehow going to help Khan deal with TFL I guess.

On this one I have to just repeat that populist drivel doth not a good leader make.

Congratulations Sadiq Khan. Now buy a tie and stop dressing like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for crying out loud!