King Obama decrees idiocy regarding the BREXIT

US President Barack Obama has put quite the idiot cherry atop his stupid sundae. In what some call a master stroke of politics and others call out as a shit head lie which embarrasses a once great nation Obama has done a grave disservice to us all.

By weighing in on the BREXIT Obama has sided with the Remain camp and has done so with a heavy hand. He has also misrepresented reality and shown the world that he is like many other politicians,totally controlled by others.


Obama warned that BREXIT would place Britain at the back of the line regards relations with the USA. This is pure nonsense since whether people believe it or not the Anglosphere is a reality. As such there are intricate threads between the US & UK that are not easily dismissed or cut.

Obama’s warning was emphasized with his lie that trade treaties between the two could take ten years to enact. This is utter bullshit since the far more complicated combination of TPP and TTIP took but three. Lest we forget that it was Obama himself who championed what is called Fast Track on trade negotiations. I would stipulate that trade and other treaty arrangements between the UK and USA would take less than 30 months to reaffirm or outright ratify. This is hardly a reason for Leave folks in the UK to switch to the Remain side.

On the subject of other UK/US relations it is inescapable that the Atlantic Council and NATO would easily bridge any of the hiccups as Britain reasserts her sovereignty and rights.

The USA is probably shocked by how illegitimate it is in the eyes of the EU. I guess Obama and his puppet masters believe Britain is a useful conduit to assert some influence on the Euro’s. This is folly since Britain enjoys a mere 3% power share in the Brussels politburo.

Britain is better outside of the EU.

The USA is better with the UK out of the EU

dipinpoolsEurope has too long suckled at the teet of America and is to a person an ungrateful bunch of pussies who has repeatedly undermined US policy. It is time for the United States and its President to let Europe go it alone. We have no sway with them and only have to pay the price as it were for their choices.

Lastly President Barack Obama owes the citizens of the UK and USA an apology. I won’t hold my breath but will for this latest affront if nothing else welcome January 2017.