I don’t want him but folks need to stop lying about him…


So here it is. I don’t like or want Donald Trump to be my next President. That said much like when people went after bizarre shit against Obama instead of the very real,damning and truthful stuff I have call foul on this Trump stuff.


That’s an actual editorial by the geniuses of the left loving and failing newspaper The Boston Globe.

The problem I have with it,and with those right,left and center who shout out the scenarios in it is that they are profoundly wrong.

The US/Mexico relationship is one that has and will if the rule of law is obeyed have its high’s and low’s. That Trump would be willing to use laws to block remittances is actually a very sound and efficient way to promote self deportation.It is also a useful tool to shake the trees as it were to establish very real movement on anything resembling immigration reform and “paths to citizenship”. I will chime in that the Globe & others get the racist label from me as well since the remittance plan can be and should be aimed at everyone.

On the trade war front I also find the haters to be dishonest and downright stupid. I see no reason to believe globally sourced auto parts & entire cars for example to be the hot topic the scaremongers want you to believe. If tariffs were somehow implemented and Ford for example had to pay to get heir popular Fusion out of its Mexican factories and into the showrooms of America so be it. History speaks volumes that neither side would allow this lucrative model to be caught up in the political brinkmanship shit.

China is everything Trump and Romney said it is and even Obama speaks to it. The TPP is above all an anti-China deal. The entire fucking world is about to go to war,trade and policy war that is,against China and China knows this.

There is plenty to hold against Trump. There is also plenty of pieces of the whole that should be acted on by others,i.e. people who have far more potential and credibility to lead.