I concede defeat for 2016-in fact I welcome it…

The 2016 US Presidential campaign has been a real drag for me.

On the Democrats side you have a shrew who is a liar and felon and who is unequivocally disqualified many times over from holding the office. Unfortunately my fellow Americans have surrendered any decency and the shrew is likely the next Oval occupant. The other (D) is of course Bernie Sanders. The guy who has dedicated himself to starting a revolution among a general population too lazy and too stupid to help him. The discussion he has started is at best left to sour a good number of folks about the system,which has really screwed him for HRC, and perhaps provide Clinton cause to pay lip service to her Left flank.

The Republicans initiated a self destruct sequence nobody really believed was happening until it was too late. The GOP needs a complete and thorough enema from the top down and back up. The Party failed at every step to protect the brand and the nation and the voters gleefully supported candidates and prattle that has snuffed the needed dialog on real issues ranging from tax reform to immigration. The candidates get their own separate and deadly bit of scorn from me since they selfishly perpetuated the legacy of the Whigs bringing shame and disunity to our country and serving the Shrew the keys to 1600.

I see no reason to believe anything that could occur in the Republican race will prevent Hillary Clinton from winning in the end. There are in my opinion two paths left for America in general and the GOP specifically. One is the well-worn path of a party that takes its licks but fails to really learn anything. This path has only one redeeming line and that is the fact that POTUS defeat helps to motivate strengthening of down ticket slots. This will be no sure thing since the GOP has used much juice on this action since 2004. I fear this may be a dead end. The second path,the path least traveled is the one that motivates the People to do something about the two-party system that is so hurting our country. As I blogged previously in America Needs a Third Party… we need to seriously rethink and act upon our true national interests.

People who call themselves “conservatives” need to do some serious soul-searching. Many of these folks are some lost in the woods motherfuckers. “Establishment” Republicans better get straight with what that is even supposed to mean. The drought of ideas found in the GOP is shameful and the apparent lack of imagination & intelligence about what lies ahead for this nation is astounding. The TPM folks are people I am so done with and a group I highly recommend for extreme late stage abortions, STAT! An idea so co-opted by devils the people who still follow are delusional and dangerous to themselves and others.

America’s decline is unavoidable. The dynamics of the world dictate it. This is not to say we need to go from best to least though. We need to get right that life on a global scale and even domestically has parts,categories as it were. America can lead on a great number of these but only if we wake the fuck up to reality and stop waxing nostalgia that somehow the answer is in our history.