Romney v Trump

romneyAnyone who knows me knows I admire Mitt Romney. Anyone who knows me knows I dislike Donald Trump.


Mitt Romney: You offer him a moment in life to feel humbled and he buys you milk for two years.

Donald Trump: Fucking hasn’t had a humble moment his entire life.

Thy Neighbor

Mitt Romney: Comes to your yard and helps remove a tree stump and tells you to have a nice day.

Donald Trump: Comes to your yard. Goes to the local government and petitions for eminent domain seizure and turns your yard into a parking lot for one of his “businesses”.


Mitt Romney: Overwhelmingly uses private money to benefit companies that actually do something.

Donald Trump: Uses public and heavily leveraged funds to support businesses that primarily caters to exclusive elements or serves as a test for peoples vices.

Canine Care

Mitt Romney: You give him the leash and stress that he is to walk the dog.

Donald Trump: You take the leash off the dog,put it on Trump and drag him to the vet for his shots. You should also be very concerned about him humping any females on the way.