The Kübler-Ross Model & Donald Trump

I’ve come to the conclusion that the 2016 Republican Primary is best explained via the Kübler-Ross model.

Denial: It clearly was easy to deny that the Party and people allegedly aligned to its principles could seriously consider the narcissistic douche bag.

Anger: Towards both Trump’s inane bullying and lack of substance and the continuous pompous narcissism manifested in the “I” and “me” shit. There was/is  ample amounts of virulent anger that the other candidates for the most part acted like pussies and zombies. Anger flowed mightily towards the low information red meat moron masses chanting “Make America Great Again” as if any of them or their pin head leader knew anything on the subject.

Bargaining: This stage was short-lived as one hoped the other candidates were finally dedicated to running a race. Instead lies,flop sweat and sock puppet only further muddied the waters. Now one was left with trying to strike a bargain only on the matter of minimizing how bad this was all going to turn out to be.

Depression: I know I won’t be exiting this stage for a long time, I’m thinking 2020 should do it. The current state of affairs coupled with the more than occasional pain twinge over 2012 just leaves me cloudy.

Acceptance: I don’t see me getting there other than the logical acceptance that We the People are really fucking stupid and that we get the government we deserve. I also accept that I can no longer be a Republican. This recycles the model in that I have long-held onto the identification solely to keep rob-calls down to a minimum during election cycles.