Rosa Brooks is just outrageous

The depths to which the formerly quality publication Foreign Policy is going is unbelievable. I only pay $2.99/month and that has helped me accept some of the leftist and unaligned ignorant prattle that is filling its pages,both print and virtual. Ms. Brooks is consistently proving to make remaining a subscriber difficult.

In her latest that speaks to how foreign jurists will not be sad that Scalia is dead closes an ignorant,biased and totally unworthy piece with

Goodbye, Justice Scalia. The Supreme Court will be a quieter, more cosmopolitan place without you.

What a pompous and blindly moronic bit of shit that is!



  1. Rutherford says:

    I find the lack of self control in politicizing Scalia before his body was cold quite distasteful. Both McConnell and Obama should have let at least 24 hours pass before drawing their lines in the sand.

  2. Alfie says:

    I agree fully. I have an added level of ire folks like Brooks who are just massively and stupidly wrong. She is allegedly Georgetown Law and supports international influence on Con-Law?
    Truth is Scalia was very smart,sharp and consistent. One has to appreciate that even if his rulings flew against your political id.

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