Trump 2016: The outcome of ignorant American input.

Trump is the epitome of American Popularism.

This particular political species is especially dangerous secondary to its profound ignorance.

Underestimating this is as treacherous as depending upon it.

American Popularism is especially strong in the Republican arena with a focus on the so called conservative voter. The Tea Party types are the classic example of this. Contrary to some press not every TPer is some troglodyte but as a collective they tend to support very base points dripping of red meat rhetoric.

It is easy for folks to find reports of folks well into their adult lives (40 &50 year olds) stating that the coming chance to cast a ballot for Trump is the first time they have voted in a Presidential Election. This is disgusting!

One of the negatives of democracy is that a small group of people can do a lot of harm. A larger group of people can do even more harm. That there are large numbers of “lost” voters in this election who say they will support Trump because of what he stands for. These “lost” voters are a little different from the LIV’s of Obama’s 2008 election. Low Information Voters are dangerous in that they come out for one talking point or sound bite and then get lost again. The lost battalions that Trump is vying for are LIV in nature but are more dedicated about disengagement than the typical mook. Someone that fantasized over Perot but sat out every other election since then is not to be counted on or respected. The other aspect of these voters is that they talk the talk during any given cycle but often won’t walk the walk. Here is where they differ from the folks that elected Obama. Those folks walk to the poll before they walk away.

Popularism is powerful but it is also very dangerous.



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  1. jonolan says:

    In the context of Trump or any Democrat would Trump be so bad a choice? And no, he’s not my 1st choice for the GOP nomination

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