The “Thinkers” are really some of the stupidest People: Rosa Brooks et al on Middle East “refugees”.

So in the wake of the Paris attacks, the fat, happy, over-privileged West wants to turn away the hundreds of thousands of desperate Muslim families seeking shelter and peace, just because a tiny fraction of those refugees might be militants? Islamic militants couldn’t ask for a better recruiting gift.

rodin_thinker_detailThe stupid is strong with this one as it is with those that think like her.

The leading causes of perpetual violence in the Muslim world is a) Islams inherent weaknesses and b) crushing socio-economic realities.

On point (a) I find it disgusting the whiners like Brooks et al fail to see through their own bullshit. The indisputable often overlooked reality of Muslim hardships is that Muslims suffer the most under the boot of Islamists. That Islam is so thoroughly open to abuse by anyone with a will is a weakness that only Muslims can counter. Until the come comes that these same Muslims do what needs to be done they will continue to be victims of their own doing and undeserving of much help.

On point (b) I think people should probably explore the history of folks that have tried to escape harsh realities only to wallow in utter disenchantment in their new digs. The romanticism of refugee,migrant & immigrants is a devastating lie too many buy into. The pathology that makes an Iraqi pick up an RPG is still possible when that same Iraqi finds themselves disenfranchised somewhere else in the world whether it be Paris,Birmingham or NYC.

The folks trying to escape the physical and fiscal rubble of places in Syria,Iraq,Yemen etc are not to be viewed as the “huddle masses” of yesteryear. I would say this holds true to Mexicans,Guatemalans and Hondurans etc as well. This is not nativist rhetoric,it is a taste of reality. The collective scourge found in globalization and regional tipping points are not remedied by exodus.

In the USA every illegal immigrant or other entrant from the places of suffering is another nail in the coffin of low skilled Americans,both white and black. This leads not to any kind of improvement to the general populace lives and historically has lead to violence thrust upon the newest arrivals.

Its far past time for the Thinkers to stop mucking about in their quads under the ivory towers and get honest with themselves. A key component to fixing what’s wrong in this world is making sure quality people stay in places of dystopia so they can fix it.


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  1. jonolan says:

    It’s standard libtardation. Their pathology demands that they find some way, shape, or form to blame the West – Whites really but they sublimate it – for any and every ill conceived of- and/or perpetrated by demographics that they’ve declared to have “protected traits.”

    Ignore them until such time as they present a clear and present danger; then silence them and their kin with bullets, bombs, or the judicious application of toxins.

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