Something more than a little boy drowned that day…


Canada as a nation is patting itself on its back and thrusting out its collective chest in the pompous manner few other than Canadians dare.

The smug mother fuckers from The Great White North find arrogant happiness in the arrival of the Kurdi family. Not the infamous family, as most of them died and the possibly guilty dad remains behind. No, little Alyns aunt and uncle have come to Vancouver with their kids and join another aunt all ready there.

Canada has been front and center on the refugee issue and are trying to squeeze every bit of yumminess they can from their peacock strutting antics. OK we get it you’re all great fucking humanitarians. The thing is though you are not and your look at us antics are disgusting. You don’t seriously give a loons feather about Syrians and the general state of suffering in the region. You are also pathetic nancy boys when it comes to truly ponying up what it takes to solve the problems over there.

Take in your fucking tokens,call back your six CF-18’s and have Trudie 2.0 schmooze photo ops along every possible metric and leave the heavy lifting to others.

You beaver fucking twits are an insult to my ancestry.