The HILL is a loser…

The Hill has a piece titled the Winners & losers of the Year (2015). I won’t talk about the losers in their piece but I have to take great exception to their “winners”.

The Hill has the following winners

Donald Trump: On Trump they credit him his staying power beyond that which was predicted by pundits throughout 2015. I somehow doubt a search of the Hill archives would fail to reveal estimations of Trumps demise. Trump is only a winner in the sense that he,personally,is winning. He is representative of what is very wrong with our political system and very wrong with our nation. Trump is disingenuous at best and a great danger to the Republic. For this reason he is above all a LOSER.

Paul Ryan: The Hill nails this selection on every level. Speaker Ryan respectfully and powerfully placed himself on a course for the Oval if he so chooses. He has scored a coup which true impact is still to be seen. Ryan is a winner in every major political way for now including the all important top position on the political kids table/grown ups table analogy.

Bernie Sanders: The Hill goes to great lengths to make the case for Bernie. I think they fall short simply because they’re rooting for the tired and pathetic platitudes of a tired and pathetic person. Sanders is no winner. When it takes a septuagenarian to champion progressive causes you have to question the whole team and not just the leaders. Sure Sanders stepped up when the equally elderly proggie twit coward Lizzie Warren withdrew into the shadows. That doesn’t make him a winner,it only makes him respectably honest. The truth is though that Sanders and what he stands for are a mismatch. Add his ridiculous apologies and hat tips to his primary opponent HRC and anything he achieves is empty.

Hillary Clinton: I think she is only a winner in that the bitch survives politically. She is a disgrace! Hillary is on track to go to the WH again this time as POTUS. That is quite simply a fucking shame and damning indictment of Americans.

Mitch McConnell: The Hill puts serious work forth on this one. I say they score a W themselves on this one. Although most people will not know or care about the Senate Majority Leader in any meaningful way this actually serves as another tick for Mitch. He has survived and to a degree politically flourished which indeed makes him a winner. He will serve into the foreseeable future without internal friction,without condemnation for a decade plus of obstructionist decadence and until HRC is installed not much to do. Money for nothing and your chicks for free.

Pope Francis: A continuation of the New Left’s sudden adoration for a theologian. This is a hollow and shallow vote. Frankie is a fraud as are all Popes. They get attention and have their moments but when the lights go down all the fans and followers go back to their sinning. Thats not a sign of a winner. Not unlike Sanders,Pinketty,and Ban ki moon Frankies rantings of social injustice sound great and are greeted by cheers but easily forgotten and ignored after the fanfare. A corrupt moron sitting on the offerings of the ignorant masses is never to considered a winner worthy of praise.

Nikki Haley: What an absolutely useless vote. Nikki has ended her political aspirations championing a moronic political sham cause. She will never garnish the historical record fame anti flag retards proclaim. She will not be anything but a footnote in South Carolina,GOP and US History. Winner? By far a total loser. Nikki took a cowards route to ten seconds of fame and gets a heads up from the Hill. Imagine if she did something more than “calling it in” and actually governed.