John McWhorter lays it down!

The following link goes to CNN where John McWhorter lays down the reality that is the diversity fail on US campuses.




  1. Rutherford says:

    As I expected, great article by McWhorter. I can’t count the number of times the one black guy on a panel is looked to for THE black opinion.

  2. Alfie says:

    Yeah so many good points from him,and many so common sense,you really end up jaw dropped that the truth isn’t grasped.
    Your point is oh so true and further reflects the crime of pc. There are any number of people of color who can sit on any given panel for their knowledge base,yet are in my opinion smacked in the face by being sat for their skin color.
    Just too many layers of how correct McWhorter is and as always its not being presented by a “Tom”.
    Saddens me folks like McWhorter get eclipsed by the likes of Coates.
    Thanks for stopping in.

  3. Emily Bronte says:

    Good article. I agree with him regarding the concept of socio-economics as the guide line. Less emphasis on who you are, be it Black, Latino, Asian,LGBT, WASP, JAP or whatever you want to call yourself and more on what is you’re potential. UNC of Chapel Hill was a good example at one time…they restricted the number of admissions from NC and had a quota based on regions. Now that’s diversity.

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