The International Hypocrisy Towards US Border Security…

rodin_thinker_detailAlmost entirely fueled by the Trump-a-Mania garbage there is much talk about US international standing. I find this hilarious and hypocritical given the international communities own border issues. The United States is correct in pursuing  controls over all the who’s ,why’s and when’s within the scope of immigration,travel and asylum. Our Constitution actually mandates our leaders to do so. We the People should not forget that. We should also not forget things like the following exists on a daily basis in the homes of our critics.


The above shows French authorities doing battle with illegals in Calais. This story has taken a background position to the Middle East exodus flooding the other side of Europe. The ongoing saga that is Calais is actually an international incident pitting France against the UK.



This now iconic image of Aylan Kurdi is a symbol for sovereignty more than anything else. Sadly it doesn’t get embraced as such. Countries must defend their borders. The concept of defense should not be misconstrued as meaning preventing countries from working together to avoid humanitarian collapse. Proactive policies could have prevented the above scene which has played out again and again since the ghoulish beachcombers caught this image.



The Saudi highway system is as clear as Islam’s leaders on the matter of who is and isn’t allowed in Mecca. The core belief behind this image speaks volumes towards the hypocrisy of those that scream at America.




  1. jonolan says:

    Let us also reiterate that America has the loosest and most open immigration laws in the world.

  2. Alfie says:

    That’s true and it isn’t altered too severely when we elect to move countries/citizens to the full visa status deal as we have recently.

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