And again the calls for gun control fill the air…

In the wake of the Colorado Springs incident at a Planned Parenthood facility the calls for more gun control fill the air. Also audible is the pathetic linking of such incidents to domestic terrorism that trumps anything radical Islamists offer US citizenry.

Gun Control

On the first note let me just say that the gun control most of its proponents offer is absolutely out of the question. It not only falls on Constitutional grounds and pure tradition it fails to address the most important aspects of the overall issue.

Addressing the mental health problem in the USA is probably the most important part of any effective effort to curtail mass shooting incidents in the USA. The same folks who scream about guns are ideologically the same folks who let loose mental patients on society advocating medication and mainstreaming instead of hospitalization.

Making it harder for everyone to have a firearm is an illogical proposition that will almost always fail to prevent the very persons we collectively need to keep unarmed.

As for the popular argument of round capacity limitations I say these measures have been proven to be a non sequitur. As seen at Sandy Hook capacity isn’t a guarantee of anything. On the flip side we have the illusion of its effectiveness in a number of incidents to perpetuate the practice. For what its worth I support capacity restrictions but I support numbers higher than most in the Capacity Club.


On the second note I just have to call out the hypocrisy and lunacy of the folks who beat this drum.

The same folks who wail against the GWOT on the grounds that we’re waging war where we should use law enforcement have the gall to call domestic criminality terrorism. I just can’t reconcile that as anything other than absurd hypocrisy.

The popular meme of adding up post 9/11 deaths and comparing the domestic red neck factor to radical Islam is something the leftists are trumpeting. I personally find this to be disgusting in its transparency of stupidity and malice.

In Conclusion

The conversation the United States needs to have on a bevy of issues will likely never occur. Whether it be because the status quo folks hold such sway or that the People are ignorant,apathetic or unconcerned it is an absolute failing of all of us that problems fail to be addressed properly.


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  1. jonolan says:

    You must remember that, in the minds of libtards, only Whites can be terrorists. Hell! Given their growing proclivities, they’ve about reached the point where they believe that only Whites can be criminals and about any action – including speech – done by a White is criminal in nature.

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