Thanksgiving Day 2015:What I am thankful for….

Another turkey day has dawned and with it the annual reflections upon what one is thankful for roll out. In no particular order my thanks include:


I am thankful for my health and family and the present state of private affairs that find me in a good way. I guess this one tops the list for logical reasons.

I am thankful I am in no way affiliated with the higher ed institution such as Yale and Princeton as they plot and flop on issues that should not be causing the ire they are. I shudder to think these places can still take themselves seriously.

I am thankful I don’t live in the EU or in the Middle East/southwest Asia region. In my opinion the pending failed state status of all of those places is both a shame and worrisome.

I am thankful I still find myself in a place where elements of 12% of the US population hold no sway other than that afforded all citizens,since in the greatest of USA myth and lore all lives matter,no hash tag please.

I am thankful I travel in circles where honesty and integrity still matter.

I am thankful that there are geopolitical realities shaping up that brings hope some good will come in the new year.

Happy Thanksgiving folks!