Another bit of useless from Canada

So I stopped by the Globe & Mail  this morning on my virtual international news junket and came across an article by Bob Levin. It was titled Why it took one American ex-pat 30 years to become a Canadian.

This mushy leftist waste of space extolled the virtues of how Canada became like a favorite slipper unassuming but undeniably comfortable.

He small talks his way towards the end of this most unremarkable of whiny propaganda and drops this gem.

I will continue to vote every four years for president – an absentee ballot mailed to Georgia, our last official place of residence in the States –

As someone with Canadian ancestry and as a US citizen I take dual umbrage with this pretentious pricks thinking. Mr Levin you haven’t become a Canadian you piece of shit! You have decided you like it enough to sponge off Canada and its true citizens but want to retain the right to elect one of the three most important world leaders,something a Canadian PM will never be.

Bob Levin you are a total turd, heh!


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  1. jonolan says:

    He doesn’t really bother me. He left. As for his current citizenship and voting – that can, after the 1st time he votes in a Canadian election be legally revoked and, under longstanding law, it should be.

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