Gender Matters


munnmunnTwo stories drive this posts creation.

The first is the tid-bit that the makers of the upcoming Deadpool movie has found it necessary to declare the character pansexual.

Not for nothing but the only way Deadpool is pansexual is that the hideous crazy motherfucker would really need to be thankful that anyone would fuck him.

In full disclosure the creators of Deadpool and by that I mean the comic book authors deemed the character omnisexual a few years ago. Seemingly this was more for setting the character as a someone for everyone and not a hat tip to todays Bruce Jenner as woman of the year and “use any bathroom you feel like” crowd.

Nobody will attend the Deadpool movie to see if he is enamored by either a penis that likes vagina,a vagina that likes penis,a penis that likes penis or a vagina that likes vagina. You watch Deadpool to laugh and to bathe in the gore of this testosterone soaked fantasy.

The second is really based on the culmination of a number of stories with the same theme. The new era gender bender agenda proponents are going full steam ahead trying to make sure little Johnny,upon recognizing he is female should be allowed on the girls volleyball squad and into the girls showers. Likewise but far less prevalent little Molly is to be allowed into the boys locker room and her presence will be respected !

This is an asinine path in my opinion. Barely clear of same sex marriage wins the agenda pushers are wasting zero time making every conservatives counterpoints come true. Gender fluidity is a farce and attraction to anything and everything just to guarantee intimacy is a myth covering what is most likely deep psychological issues.

I hope we wake up as a nation to the truth that there are lines to be drawn and obeyed. These lines are guides to how a large and diverse society is to function with some degree of harmony. We push societal norms and human nature to their limits at our collective peril.