Ben Carson is to the Presidency that Politico is to journalism…


I do not support Ben Carson for President and think he is equally ill-suited to it as is the second place Donald Trump. That said I readily concede Carson handled the MSM quite well on the issue of the double standard applied to him compared to the less than rigorous vetting of Barack Obama. The reporters were incredulous and insipid all at the same time. It really was a pathetic showing for the Fourth Estate.

One of the primary drivers of the news cycle was Politico’s poorly assembled piece on Ben Carsons past assertion of being offered a scholarship to West Point. Apologists fawning over ben’s recent rise in the polls bizarrely defend him by attacking the assorted nuances of word choices in the Politico article. This Twilight Zone episode is weak and not a little disgusting in its prankish and childish presentation. Still I offer Politico no quarter since they clearly gave the piece the green light with hopes that its malice would be overshadowed by the sheer impact of it. This is brazen but decidedly shoddy journalism.

The bottom line for me regards Ben Carson is that regardless of his professional and personal accomplishments he is overly animated and kind of whiny. He is also at a minimum misrepresenting a reality. The USMA does not offer scholarships. It never did and never will. The fact remains none of the US military academies,West Point,Annapolis, USAFA, or the Coast Guard Academy need to pursue students. They have more than enough applicants from which to choose from and in fact all pride themselves that an applicants desire to attend is the first of many steps to admission.