Seriously Folks….The Road Less Travelled Part Two


I had a post where I originally used the graphic seen here. That post was just a generic calling for better governance and citizen engagement in light of fuels tax and infrastructure. If you read it you might not get that but honestly that was my motivation.


Anyway I really have to revisit it in light of the market forces afoot. I live in MA and can currently fuel up within a range of $2.10-$2.30 / gallon of regular unleaded E10.

Crude is currently trading at under $50. USD ! How long does anyone think this can be maintained? Even if Keystone and renewed US shale operations go into effect and somehow the international markets stay well under the OPEC love level of $100/barrel what is on the horizon for our infrastructure and overall energy dependent economy?

We really need to get moving on this issue. Far too much is tied up in the reality that our hurting roads and bridges and collective bottom-lines are tied to the pump. This may seem like a clarion call for renewables. It isn’t. The only renewable I personally endorse for transportation is hydrogen and to fully benefit from that requires extensive infrastructure investment.

I also have to stress that CNG/LNG,hydrogen and electric cars along with hybrids all take a punch at the coffers we need to improve our roads. Energy independence does not equal an improved economy.

A major rethink of universal tolling and logical,dedicated roads/fuels taxation must become a top ten national policy initiative.