Oh Canada: Bulldog Edition

canada.gifCanada cements its position as nation of pussies.

Harper and more importantly pragmatism is out.

Trudeau and more importantly nanny state domestic policy and polite pussy foreign policy is in.

canada.gifCanada has experienced the perfect storm of policy,prosperity,downturn and tenure of a sitting party culminating in the majority (39.5%) collective jerk off thus installing a new Liberal government.

Contrary to media this means pretty much nothing for anyone other than Canadians. Globally they’re no more respected or positioned to influence meaningful policy. Domestically they have decided to go down the road that will forfeit their history of noble ruggedness and can do.

canada.gifCanada….you are a bunch of pussies and you shame my heritage greatly.



  1. Emily Bronte says:

    I was mulling over the similarity of issues behind the Canadian election and the current issues in the US pre-election. If anti-Muslins and immigration remain the biding issues then we may well be looking at Trump as president. (or maybe it’s the hair 😉

    This election reminds me of 2008

  2. Alfie says:

    According to some the Canada outcome gets a bump from immigration,Muslim and refugee issue but contrary to how the US plays them out. Harper was pretty adamant that women should have to take off the scarf for oath of citizenship and ID photos. I think Trudeau actually only differs in tone on the first two and 25k Syrians is a small price to pay for “looking” like the polite & friendly country of yore.
    The democracies are taking different steps. Australia and Canada are forsaking the recent fruits of pragmatism. The UK soundly returned the pragmatists but there is energy with Corbyn.
    What will the US do? I think we’re going to elect a liar,cheat and thoroughly dishonorable female.

  3. Alfie says:

    More to your point… the GOP is a mess and is paying for prior sins of disingenuous politicking. They are reaping what they sowed which is unfortunate since along the way many tried to plant good stuff.

  4. Emily Bronte says:

    I fear you may be correct. The points you brought up regarding Canada, Australia, and possibly the UK fall into my thinking that there is a global political climate arising among the 35-45 generation due to social networking which did not exist a decade ago to the extent of today. The demarcation lines are blurring.

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